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I inherited this .cshrc file from a buddy of mine who got me started in Linux. Some vestigial stuff for Sun machines, and you will probably see repeats in you path with the $ path in there, as this file doesn't assume you have been setup in a rational way by a system default login or profile or whatever. Has some customization for ls, ll, ps, rxvt, xemacs, etc. Also gets rid of that annoying system beep on the auto-completion, and sets biff so it doesn't beep when you get an email. ==========================================================================

# set csh variables...

if ( -e /usr/local/sys/std.cshrc ) then
   source /usr/local/sys/std.cshrc

setenv SHELL            /bin/tcsh
setenv EDITOR           xemacs
setenv PILOTPORT        /dev/ttyS0
setenv QTDIR /usr/local/qt
#setenv MANPATH /usr/share/man:$QTDIR/doc/man
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE ***************
setenv IDL_DIR /usr/local/rsi/idl_6.0
setenv IDL_PATH \+$IDL_DIR/lib:\+/home/ddawson/idl:\+/home/ddawson/idl/coyote

alias gv     'ghostview -rv \!* &'

set path=($path ~ ~/bin /opt/local/bin /home/ddawson /usr/kerberos/bin/ /usr/local /usr/bin /usr/X11R6/bin /sbin $QTDIR/bin usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server /usr/local/rsi/idl_6.0/bin .)

#source /usr/local/rsi/idl/bin/idl_setup

set correct = all
set cdpath =  ( ~ ~/xte  .. )
set ignoreeof
set history=100
#set matchbeep=nomatch
unset autologout
set nobeep
biff n #no more mail delivery beep 

unalias rm
alias ls           'ls --color=auto'
alias ll           'ls -laFg'
alias px           'ps -auxww'
alias rxvt          'rxvt  -sr -fg "grey" -bg "black" -sl 2000 &'
alias xemacs        'xemacs -geometry 90x37+0+0 -rv  \!* &'
alias pilrcedit   'java -jar /usr/local/pilrcedit/pilrcedit.jar \!* &'
alias xterm         'xterm -ls -bg black -fg grey &'

if ( $?prompt ) then
        set prompt = "%m:%~%#"

Douglas Dawson 2004-03-31